Frequently asked questions

What do I have to commit if I become a member?

If you volunteer to visit with an older person (coach) we ask you commit to visit at least once every two weeks.

If I cannot commit to runs every two weeks, is there another way to be involved?

You can volunteer with FFG on a less frequent schedule by participating in community service projects we plan and implement on group runs. If you still have concerns about time commitment please reach out to our staff so we can find an option that works for you.

How do I become a member?

All volunteers must:

1) Complete the intake form found on our website. The intake form includes a waiver.

2) Complete a short training.

3) Complete a background check through Sterling Volunteers (Application). The background check will be required for individual or paired runs to a home or for group runs to a home to help an elderly coach. It will not be required to participate in a community service project.

4) FFG requests that individuals cover the expense of their own background check through Verified Volunteers. If you are unable to cover the expense of your background check please let our staff know and FFG will subsidize the fees.

5) FFG requests that you allow us take a photo to provide to our matched older person.

How do I complete a background check?

Background checks are required to run and visit your coach before you begin the program. We are utilizing Sterling Volunteers. The cost is $19 and needs to be paid through their site when you sign up for a background check. We don’t want financial hardships to deter anyone from joining so let us know if we can help with that cost.

Otherwise head over to the link below; the results (not content of entered information) will be sent to our account with them.

If you would rather go through the website via a search engine search Verified Volunteers and sign up for a background check. You will need our GOOD DEED code to be sure your results are funneled our way. That code is: g8bc7xf

Can I request a running buddy?

Yes! You can request a specific person or we can help find you a buddy.

What does the term “participant” mean for Fitness for Good?

Participants are the term we use to describe the older person the athletes are visiting. They share their knowledge and motivate our athletes in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Do the “participants” exercise as well?

No. The older persons choose how the time with the athlete is spent. It can be spent talking, playing cards, gardening, taking a walk around the block ,etc.

I have never walked or ran before for exercise. Can I still participate?

Yes! We have staff that can coach you on getting up and running and setting achievable goals.

I am unable to run/walk but would like to be a part of FFG, are there any other volunteer roles or staff opportunities available?

Yes! Please contact our staff at

Where do we start and stop our runs?

Athletes have control over their course for their individual runs. Group run start and stop locations will be announced as needed. If runners need assistance with determining an appropriate route we have staff to help.

How far will I be running?

Everyone’s distance is chosen by them and based on their individual goals. Group runs will state the distance so individuals can determine if it is appropriate for them.

Do I have to pay?

We do not want anyone to not participate in Fitness for Good due to financial hardship. Fitness for Good is free to all who want to participate. It does cost money to run the organization though and we request that athletes consider a donation to the organization upon joining. Suggested donation amount includes $20 to cover the expense of one t-shirt. All donations are tax deductible.

Is Fitness for Good a non-profit? Can I make a tax deductible donation?

Fitness for Good is a 501c3 non-profit that is dependent on donations, fundraising, and grants to succeed. Donations are appreciated to establish FFG as an asset to our community. Donations can be made to FFG through our Paypal link on our Facebook page, web page, or by mailing a check payable to FFG to 227 S Pollard St, Vinton, VA 24179. All donations are tax deductible.

Is there an age limit?

All athletes must be eighteen years or older

Can I request a male or female coach?


I am unable to run/walk but would like to be a part of FFG, are there any other volunteer roles or staff opportunities available?

Yes! Please contact our staff at

Where will our participants live?

Right now we are enrolling coaches in the 24013 zip code with plans for expansion.

Do I need to complete a background check for group runs? For community service runs?

You will need to complete a background check for a group run that ends at a coach's house for a visit or to help them with a task/project.
You do not need to have a background check completed to participate in a community service project or run.

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